mission statement

the mission of the ohio county chamber of commerce is to promote the economic well-being of the people and businesses of ohio county in order to enhance the quality of life in ohio county.


vision statement

the vision statement of the ohio county chamber of commerce is that in 20 years...

  • ohio county will be an integral part of a vibrant regional economy.

  • local workers will find an economy that offers diverse employment opportunities across a range of wages/salaries.

  • tourism will be a significant component of the local economy and contribute to the quality of life in ohio county.

  • the housing market and public infrastructure will support economic growth and a diverse quality of life.

  • ohio county will retain its small town feeling and its strong community values while embracing the cultural diversity that comes with growth.



  • enhance the business climate in ohio county.

  • be the catalyst for the development of ohio county.

  • be a force for cooperative actions that enrich the quality of life in ohio county.

  • be an organization that efficiently operates to meet members needs and interests.


membership services:

the goal of the ohio county chamber is to develop and provide direct Chamber services to the membership and sponsor seminars, workshops and general membership meetings to improve the skills and opportunities for business contacts among chamber members.

  • monthly networking opportunities

  • monthly newsletter publication (the chamber line)

  • shop local ohio county app

  • annual business awards

  • member only referrals

  • membership directory

  • advertising opportunities

  • seminars and educational courses

  • jackie gibson memorial scholarship

  • ribbon cutting ceremonies

  • membership decal

  • demographic information

  • opportunities for committee involvement